Good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy I

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m not an expert on pregnancy and what’s best, but nonetheless I would like to share my experience now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant!

When I discovered that I was pregnant, my husband and I started to read a lot about pregnancy and any recommendations that we could find. However, we soon realised that there’s too much information out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming… at some point, I thought I couldn’t take everything into account without contradicting myself and my actions!

What did I do then? I decided to take the advice from my doctor and my midwife, always taking care of myself, also following my instincts and intuition and keep being informed of the most important things. This way I found it much easier to be sure that I was doing things right – even though there are always moments that I have my doubts! LOL

As you know, I love cooking but I had to adapt my way of eating. At the beginning, I barely cooked because I had an awful first trimester, but anyway, with my husband we had to think about new approaches. And afterwards, when I felt better, it was the same when cooking again.

The most important thing is to always eat healthy and have good routines. No worries, pregnant or not, I’ve always believed that we need to give our body a break from time to time if we fancy something specific (like some chocolate or an ice cream!).

Same thing with exercising. Before getting pregnant I used to go 3-4 times a week to the gym, so I wanted be as active as possible. On that note, I’d like to mention that it is always important to go first to the doctor to make sure that nothing that you do will harm the baby. In my case, I’ve spent the last few months doing pre-natal yoga twice a week which is helping me a lot keeping me fit, with more flexibility, doing exercises for the pelvic floor which will help during the delivery and feeling relaxed and conscious with my pregnancy. However, now that I’m starting to feel heavier and more tired, I will start going once a week to the swimming pool for some aqua gym sessions. This will help me with my mobility and it is a good complement to the yoga.

Therefore, following with the daily basis routine (food and exercise), I found it very beneficial to my body and the pregnancy to:

  1. DRINK a lot of water. I always carry a bottle water with me to anywhere I go. That would keep me hydrated and would reduce the risk of fainting in the heat. Also, drinking a lot prevents as well stretch marks forming
  2. Try to EAT as healthy as possible. I’ve kept the ‘Mediterranean diet’ with lots of salads, fruit, lean meat, fish, vegetables, etc
  3. However, I now need to be more careful and to clean very carefully all the vegetables and fruit that I am going to eat
  4. I stopped eating cold meats and non-pasteurised cheeses
  5. To me, it is very important to make sure that everything has been well-cleaned, well-cooked and that we have taken good care of the product – always KEEPING our kitchen clean

In terms of exercise:

  1. I also make sure I don’t get too tired and that I stop every time my body asks for it
  2. I always listen to my body and I only do/ adapt exercises that I am feeling comfortable with – now it is not a good time for me to push myself as it is another person that I am protecting!
  3. But at the same time, being active it is helping me a lot during my pregnancy as my body feels strong and I feel comfortable with myself

I am very happy to be sharing my experiences with you all as cooking is only one part of our well-being and I believe that we need to embrace our current circumstances to be able to share our love for food!

On my next post, I will be detailing a bit more about how I’ve changed my way of processing/ cooking certain meals and how I stopped eating certain products for my baby’s safety.

Lots of love!

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