Cook, Eat, Enjoy

Food is not only to be eaten. Food is also a way of enjoying life, for me. Obviously, we need to follow a good nutrition and a meal plan to be healthy and not be eating too many sweets or processed food. But I found that the simple moment of seating at the table and enjoying my meal makes me happy. Also, after the lockdown and not being able to find everything I want at the supermarket I realised that I was taken it all for granted. But it is clear that it’s not like that. Now that we cannot find everything that we are used to, now that we cannot buy food online because there are not delivery slots, now that it takes gloves and a mask to go to the supermarket – plus all the disinfection that we do when arriving at home – now we realise that we were very lucky before.

I´ve always enjoyed food, but now I do it even more.

To me, cooking is a way of relaxation. I enjoy cooking anything (from a salad to a stew). Then, when I seat at the table with my husband and we enjoy a simple conversation or we watch something on the TV, I feel happy and I really enjoy the moment. Even now, when having a quick meal, it´s getting challenging because of the baby, I feel grateful for the food I have in front of me, for my family, for our health and for having that moment for us, to enjoy together.

I think we should all take a moment before every meal, feel grateful and enjoy the moment. Be mindful. It doesn´t matter if you are on your own, with your partner, with your family or with friends. If you are at home (all should be at home at the moment), or if in some time we are at a restaurant, at a friend’s house or at your mum’s. It doesn’t matter which meal are you having – breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner – or what are you having – cereals, a salad, some meat or fish, pasta, soup, a dessert, etc. It’s all about taking the time to be present, enjoy the company – your own company also needs to be enjoyed – and enjoy what you’ve prepared.

In a world where we always run, now we have the opportunity to slow down and to enjoy the little things and the little moments. Let’s take something positive from this situation: to learn how to be more present and enjoy every aspect of our lives. And enjoying what we eat, it’s a good way to start. Cook. Eat. Enjoy.

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