Berries lover

I love berries, I cannot help it. Every time we shop, I feel I need to buy some for the week. I not only love them, but they also make my body feel so good. Now, I’m used to eat them every night for dinner: some yogurt, maybe some granola or some honey, and berries….

Stay healthy

Hi guys! For the last few months, I’ve been working on my new business: MT Events & Consulting. It’s an online business to help planning your event through consulting or managing the whole thing. However, in the long run I’d like to focus it in helping clients understanding their purpose and creating their own event…

Good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy II

Hi all! As mentioned in my previous post, I will detail in this one some of the measures I’ve adopted since being pregnant. It has not been always easy, but necessary, simply because we are not used to certain things on our daily basis. Anyway, things that I had to take care of: – Cheeses:…

Good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy I

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m not an expert on pregnancy and what’s best, but nonetheless I would like to share my experience now that I’m 32 weeks pregnant! When I discovered that I was pregnant, my husband and I started to read a lot about pregnancy and any recommendations that we could find….